Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, thinking about Traits some more, and why they are neat. Many systems discuss powers with descriptions of what they do, don't do, and very much quantify these rules as exceptions. CC&VF puts the power in the hands of the players (and editor). A good example. A character with X-RAY SPECTACLES and MARTIAL ARTS may very well want to do the following:

"Okay, I need to take this guy down, I'm going to use my X-RAY SPECTACLES to do a quick body scan, looking for previous broken bones, and use that knowledge to direct my MARTIAL ARTS attack against him. (Translation, the character will be using MARTIAL ARTS as their Primary Trait Linking it with X-RAY SPECTACLES)."

Instead of the EDITOR saying "well, that isn't quite how that works" or having to read up on how X-Ray vision might work, instead the editor can say:

"Very cool, your scan shows that his right arm has been broken several times, and with just the right blow, might really hurt this guy if you hit it again in just the right spot."

Player "Awesome!"

Awesome indeed.

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