Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yes, Virginia- you should bring a gun to a knife fight.

The Pied Piper- Maybe he has only 3-4 Traits. Maybe they are all very high, with links, and situational modifiers. So, what does he do when the Flash runs at him with Superspeed trying to punch him 100 times in a second?
He uses his Traits, maybe he blows his pipes and tries to distract the Flash, alter his course slightly.
The Pied Piper should not be getting into a contest of fisticuffs with the Flash (or anyone else), that doesn't play to his strengths.
CC&VF allows this kind of interpretation of events, and makes it so that not every character needs to have a Fighting stat high in order to take on the Avengers or Justice League. They do what they do.

Also, shameless plug: if you are interested in the DCLost game, I will be running another one at Conbust in the spring. Conbust is Smith Colleges local convention for all things geekery related, with a focus on women.
So, be prepared to sit at a table where females may outnumber the males, but be prepared for some superheroic shenanigans.

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