Friday, August 31, 2012

Super (Hero) Sentai

Fear Itself, Heroes used Uru-enchanted items.
Marvels, Avengers all donned Iron Man-esque armor.

Character designs like this make the kid in me get all giddy.

So, in your game, what do you do when the Midgard serpent is coming along with an army of frost giants.

Or the sentient black hole is moving towards earth.

Epic two-page spreads of Heroes preparing for a Big battle that they all Might Not Survive (tm) is one of the fun things about comics.

How to do it?

Give your Heroes some bonus Design Points, but carefully allocated.


The planet-sized malevolant entity known as Nyhyl is approaching Earth. It is up to our Heroes to stop it.

They know that all previous efforts were met with utter destruction, and they know they have one week before Nyhyl's arrival.

The resident brains on the team come up with a plan:
because not everyone can survive the rigors of space, they will need some sort of space suit.

But, being armor nerds, they come up with something better.

The Editor informs the players, that this will be an Epic fight, and that they can each get an additional 100 Design Points, but that these points must be spent on some sort of equipment.

Each character will get a super-cool suit of Sentai Style Space Battle Armor (in appropriate color as well):

the armor will improve or enhance each character:

Versatile (Mega-Strength, Attack, Protection, ___, ___, ___)
Link +5
+2 when Teaming-Up
(73 Points)

Only When the Chips Are Down
+2 when Teaming-Up
Shared Trait (5 Characters)

Each Character contributes their remaining 27 Design Points for the Shared Trait (which gives a total of 135 points for this Trait!).

So, once a character meets the Chips Are Down Condition, they can shout out


And describe how they all merge into one gigantic superhero as they prepare to halt Nyhyl!

Can they still Use their other traits when in the Sentai form? Sure. describe it how you like, as the arm of the Sentai blasts ionic arrows from one arm, and kicks with super-strength from one leg.

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