Sunday, December 2, 2012

Detriment Dice

Sorry I've been absent, game has been released, we've Kickstarted a huge villain book, and when I say we, Cynthia has asked me to come on board as a Spectrum employee.

So, I'll keep this one nice and sweet.

Detriment Dice.

I recently ran an Issue that featured several scenes in pitch darkness.

What to do?

Unless a character Used a Trait that enabled them to overcome the darkness, they had to add a Detriment Die to their roll.

One character used a Versatile Trait to emanate light from within. Another one used their Ninja training to blind fight. And another used their Heightened Senses. If these Traits were not in any action, add a Detriment Die.

It was simple, didn't bog things down, and when the elemental based character glowed from within, it felt very much like a comic book.

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