Sunday, October 31, 2010

Linked Traits

A Linked Trait is one that allows a character to add a value to another Trait.
This allows "lesser-powered" characters to level the playing field with "higher-powered" characters.

A Linked Traits value that is added is dependent on the Tier of the Trait, and I have found that for weapons carrying characters adding in a Situational Bonus (when Linked with Nunchuks) allows a character to Link Traits to great effect.

The "downside" of Linked Traits is that each Trait activates a Usage, but the flip side of this coin is that combats can be fast and fun, as characters, players and non-player characters alike, Link Traits to get high values.

Does a character need to purchase Linked Traits? No. But I think most folks will like the effect.

One of the ideas behind this was allowing Hawkeye to stand alongside Thor. Thor would have some very powerful Traits, while Hawkeye would have a larger number of Traits, and could thus Link one of more to the Primary Trait to get a high-powered effect.

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