Friday, October 29, 2010

Setback Tokens

No Hit Points?
Setback Tokens?
and everyone has the same amount?
Yes (well, all the PCs).

So, essentially each character can take only 4 hits?
Setback Tokens are not just hits like a punch or eyeblast or judo chop. Setback Tokens represent all the fatigues of a combat and a non-combat encounter.
Hulk is not unstoppable, he frequently leaves battles, more out of frustration, anger and boredom.
A wiseacre like Spiderman might be able to infuriate and frustrate the Hulk enough that he just leaps away. Spiderman did not "beat" the Hulk in the traditional sense, but did happen to deliver 4 Setback Tokens to him.
Out of combat, in Extended Scenes, Setback Tokens might represent fatigue, exhaustion of resources, dead-ends...
An overly sexy costume might be enough to make a male character's jaw drop, this is also a Setback Token.

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