Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Vulture

The Vulture has always fascinated me, as he was so old and frail seeming, but stood up to Spidey. Doc Ock also held some fascination, for his barrel chest and haircut.

Based on the Spidey 200 Point writeups from an earlier post, I would offer up that Vulture and Doc are 150 point villains, but, CC&VF is designed to make them worthy foes, through the use of EC and the like.
So, just because I like him a bit more, here is a 150 Point Vulture (actually 149 point).

Adrian Toomes

Link +5

CUNNING 7 (1/2/3)
+2 Linked with Highly Intelligent
Link +3

WINGS- 6 (1/1/1)
Link +3

Link +3

Link +3

Link +3

EC: 3
Threshold: 12

Trying to love his family

FLIGHT HARNESS gives Vulture some resistance to injury and heightened strength, it isn't Versatile, because that is basically all it does.
WINGS implies flight, but he can also use them as a shield against attacks, and cut with them, as they are razor sharp.

Spidey vs the Vulture.

Spidey is made with more points, Vulture has a significant sized pool of EC from which to draw, which, sets up very well, the three-act structure your story might have. Vulture will beat up Spidey once or twice, until Spidey shows up for the final fight, and takes care of the Vulture.

NOW, what happens if Spidey takes on the Sinister Six (assume each of them is 150 points).
They have their whole pool of EC to draw upon.
Give each of them fewer Setback Tokens, especially for the early Action Scenes. For the final Action Scene, maybe one of the Six was behind the whole thing, or was the spotlight villain, give him 4 Setback Tokens, and give the others 2, or maybe even give one of them only 1 Setback Token.
Spidey will also likely activate some Complications, gearing up for the final fight, so, it will be a memorable story, as no doubt Aunt May will be in jeopardy.

But, Spidey will find a worthy challenge in both circumstances, and this will make for a memorable Issue, and that is all CC&VF wants you to do!

And, then, imagine if Vulture got a super-awesome cool new Black suit he used for a while that made him even tougher? Beef him up to 200 points. And then, like in comics so frequently, he might go back to his green suit, complete with neck warmer!

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